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Palmistry is a technique of counselling that astrologers are using since decades. It is a very small part of a very vast study known as Samudrik Shastra which exactly means the ocean of knowledge. Palmistry is just a part of this deep knowledge and deals specifically with the palm reading i.e. the study of hand lines and prints.

Is Palmistry a fortune telling?

Palmistry is not a technique of fortune telling. The real meaning of palmistry is meant for counselling and personality assessment. One's social attitude, emotional tendencies, conscious awareness, subconscious blockages, strength and fear can be judged in detail through this profound system with the proper analysis of lines and markings on hand. But now a day, it is also used by the astrologers to calculate or to forecast the future of a person; it is a perfect technique especially for a personality assessment.

It is true that no one can make actual predictions only with palmistry. However, there is a certain mind and body connection, we all knows that positive and negative behaviour and thinking upsets our happiness and comfort. People due to their habitual behaviour repeat the things in future also that they perform in their present. If we successfully understand our habits and our thinking, then we can ignore the negative phase of our behaviour easily and can replace that phase our positive behaviour and attitude. Palmistry helps a lot to view these patterns. Using these instructions, you can easily shape your future and destiny in your own way.

Process of Palmistry

Palmistry is a dynamic process. The lines, mounts, curve and signs on our hand depict our thinking, our behaviour and provides a certain type of reading to a person. The markings, lines and curves on our hands changes with the change in our behaviour and thinking. Right or left - Which hand is meant for palmistry reading?

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